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Canada is a great place to live and work. Canada is ranked as the second-best country in the world behind Germany, from a field of 60 countries for overall sustainability, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, economic influence and most importantly, quality of life. 

If you’re part of the booming Boomer generation, you’ll be happy to know Canada is the 5th best country to grow old in, with our unique old age pension programs and health care system. And if that’s not enough:

  • our economy is the 14th largest, making us one of the wealthiest nations with a consistently high standard of living.
  • our unemployment rates are lower than other countries.
  • we’re major contributors to quantum computing, medical discoveries, space science and technology.
  • we’re one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
  • while other nations continue to debate the issue, we’ve been celebrating inclusivity and same-sex marriages for years.

Canada invites 3,350 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence

A new Express Entry draw held May 29 invited 3,350 candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence. 

The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score was 470.

Today’s draw was the first all-programs Express Entry invitation round since May 1 and marked a return to a larger number of invitations.

All-programs draws involve candidates from the three economic-class immigration categories managed by the Express Entry system — the Federal Skilled Worker ClassFederal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.

The previous Express Entry draw held May 15 was limited to candidates in the Federal Skilled Trades Class and only saw 500 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) issued.

Canadian job vacancies reached 435,000 in first three months of 2019

Canada’s private sector job vacancy rate reached another record in the first three months of 2019 with the highest number of unfilled jobs reported in Quebec, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says in a new update. 

The federation reports a total of 435,000 jobs sat vacant for at least four months across Canada during the first quarter of 2019, which amounted to a job vacancy rate of 3.3 per cent.

“The national vacancy rate has been steadily climbing for the past two years and it reached another record high last quarter,” said Ted Mallet, vice-president and chief economist of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

The Raptors Won, and Canada Learns to Swagger

TORONTO — On Thursday night, when the Toronto Raptors won the N.B.A. championship in Oakland, Calif., the streets of Canada erupted in a patriotic euphoria that I’d never seen before. It was the first time that a Canadian team had made it to the N.B.A. finals, and Yonge Street, in the heart of Toronto, was a multiracial mosh pit. Thousands of people were hugging and chanting, “We the North.”

There were turbans and hijabs and the echoes of diverse accents. Everyone was represented, and everyone was representing.

For weeks now, Canadians have been on the edge of their seats watching the Raptors make their improbable run to the finals. In a very Canadian sort of way, we doubted whether it waseven real. Could we actually win? There is an insecurity to Canadians that came from always being America’s runner-up. “Why is a brother up north better than Jordan / That ain’t get that break,”Jadakiss once rapped — a line that could be applied to all the imprisoned ambitions in Canada.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program giving rural communities a new lease on life


In 1996, the Manitoba community of Steinbach had a population of 8,478 people, a number that has now almost doubled thanks in large part to the province’s immigrant nominee program.  

This and other successes of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) were touted recently in an article by the province’s Minister of Education and Training, Kelvin Goertzen, who represents Steinbach in Manitoba’s Legislative Assembly.

The MPNP became Canada’s first provincial nominee program when it was introduced in 1998 and has brought in more than 130,000 economic immigrants to Manitoba since then.

More than 20 per cent of these immigrants established themselves in smaller, regional communities like Steinbach.

Why you should make Canada your dream destination – see what Premier Immigration says-


Whether you want to visit Canada for business, pleasure, to transit, or stay with family, you may require a temporary resident visa (Visit Visa). The requirement for a Visa is based upon your country of Citizenship and the type of visit you will be making to Canada. In some cases certain applicants will also now be required to submit their application in person in order to submit their biometric data (fingerprints and photos). Find out if you need to submit biometrics with your application.Most Visit Visas are now issued for up to ten years with multiple entries allowed over a ten year period. With each entry you are allowed to remain in Canada for a maximum of six months on a normal Visit Visa. Currently the Canadian Government fees for a Visit Visa is $100.00 Canadian Dollars.

One of the best places on the planet to live with your loved ones in happiness, peace and prosperity.

UNO and WHO recommend Canada as one of the best countries in the world to live and raise a family.

Strong economy with world class career opportunities. Approximately 2/3rd of the total employable population of Canada is busy catering to a variety of jobs from today’s global service industry.

Canada has no restriction to place of job/service as it permits the residents to live and work anywhere in Canada. Canada offers equal rights to all its citizens in regard to religion, culture, language choice and the freedom of communication.

Recognized as one of the easiest places in the developed world to start your own business.

Access to the United States and Mexico markets based on the NAFTA Agreement.

Free world class education up to grade 12 and very low cost for university.

Citizenship can easily be obtained after only three years of a continuous stay with a PR.

Dual Citizenship allowed.

Immediate and quick access to government offered services on landing as a permanent resident like free schooling, free healthcare (after three months from landing), social security, unemployment insurance, and a wide range of other government services as well.

Access to visa free travel for almost all major countries across the world. This is one major reason why businessmen, high net worth individuals and investors apply for Canadian Immigration and best handled by experts at Dream Destination Canada.

Immigration rules are not as rigorous as compared to other countries. Also, Canada is the biggest immigration delivery hub. Welcomes about 250,000 newcomers every year; one in five Canadians is a foreign-born!The best country to live in the world – and 
the United Nations keeps reaffirming it!

Prince Edward Island issues new invitations to immigration candidates in May 16 draw


Prince Edward Island invited 104 immigration candidates in its Express Entry, Labour Impact and Business Impact categories to apply to the province’s nominee program in a draw held May 16. 

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) allows the province to nominate a set number of economic immigration candidates who match local labour market needs.

Of the 104 invitations issued, a total of 90 went to candidates who have registered an Expression of Interest with the PEI PNP in its Express Entry Category or the various streams of its Labour Impact Category.

The Express Entry Category is linked to the federal Express Entry system, which manages the pool of candidates for Canada’s three Federal High Skilled economic-class immigration categories — the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.

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Minimum score drops again in latest draw from Canada’s Express Entry pool


The Government of Canada invited 3,350 Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a draw held May 1. 

The cut-off score in today’s draw was 450, which is one point lower than the minimum score in the previous draw on April 17, which was 451.

This is the fourth time that the cut-off Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score has decreased since February 20.

The Express Entry system manages the pool of candidates for Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker ClassFederal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class, which are three of Canada’s primary economic immigration categories and together take in the greatest share of economic class immigrants each year.

Eligible candidates for these categories are entered into the Express Entry pool and assigned a ranking score based on factors such as age, education, skilled work experience and proficiency in English or French.

The highest-ranked candidates are invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence through regular draws from the pool.


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